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second look - second life

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Today's CAB (Christopher Ames Band) is the culmination of several years of Raw Story - Battered Faith - Rock-n-Roll.


"Second look - Second Life" is, at first glance, a brief throw away fragment of a line from the title track of the new CD, but upon deeper reflection not only encapsulates the theme of the record, but the theme of the band as well. Honesty, brokenness, unity, grace, second tries... these are the things that transform 3 stick figures into a Band of Brothers.


The latest chapter in the ongoing story, Life Outside the Machine, is a record that explores, confronts, and exposes the machines we find ourselves in (and needing to escape), as well as the ghosts that both haunt and accompany us on the journey.


Stand or fall, this is the Christopher Ames Band.

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